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  ♦ Privacy policy

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Markus Schnitzler

MSchnitzler2000 ♦ Privacy policy

  ♦ Privacy policy

The website is a private website by Markus Schnitzler. It is used to give information about the website author and his topics of interest.
With a few exceptions mentioned on the bottom of this page, on the whole website there is no interaction with the user which requires the input of personal data. The website author takes as few data as possible and handle it with care and securely.
On some pages the website author uses external tools to offer certain services. More information about this is given at the botom of this page.

  Contact person

The responsible contact person for all topics concerning data protection compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR) and other laws of data protection is:
Markus Schnitzler
Poststraße 20 F
52355 Düren

Phone: +49 171 7349603

  Hosting and encryption

The website with the URL is available at this domain since March, 30 2001. The website with all its data is hosted at the provider Strato since March, 19 2003. Strato offers hosting on secure servers in German datacentres. Furthermore the complete website is secured with SSL encryption.

 Cookies and logfiles

The provider Strato uses cookies and logfiles on the website hosted there to perform statistical analysis. By using the website you agree to this use of data. The statistics are only available for Markus Schnitzler in a password protected area of the Strato website management. This help article (in German) shows which data are processed. All data is taken anonymously and cannot be linked to a specific person or a single IP address. This article (in German) explains how it works.

  Contact form

On the page Terms of use you can use a contact form. Using the contact form is voluntary. Alternatively you can contact the website author via e-mail, phone or letter.
If you use the contact form, you need to provide an e-mail adress and a message and choose a topic. The given name and family name are voluntary information.
The contact form is hosted at Strato like the rest of the website and the transfer of the submitted data is processed with this provider. The e-mail which is sent to Markus Schnitzler contains the data given by the user and the date and time of the inquiry.
The data given by the user is only used for processing the inquiry. The e-mail address is only used to contact the user and is not saved beyond this.

  Search box

Three search boxes are offered on the website. These are labelled "Website", "Google" and "Wikipedia". The "Website" search is an internal search within and is processed on the website server. If you use the "Google" searchbox, you are forwarded to the Google website ( with your search term. If you use the "Wikipedia" searchbox you are forwarded to the Wikipedia website ( with your search term. In both cases you are outside of after the forwarding.

 Included information of external services

  Font Awesome icons

On all pages of, e.g. in the main menu, you can see little icons. The icons are provided by the service Font Awesome.