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 MSchnitzler2000 ♦ Terms of use

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Information in English© 2024
Markus Schnitzler

MSchnitzler2000 ♦ Terms of use

  ♦ Terms of use

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On this page, you get some important information concerning the use of this website. The rules are compulsory for all users. Information about personal data is shown at the privacy policy.

 © Copyright

The following copyright applies to the whole internal content of the website – especially texts, layout and own photos:
© 2024 by Markus Schnitzler, Düren
Copying of copyrighted content of the website is only allowed as a quote combined with a clear reference.
I do not claim any copyright for graphics which are used for external links. These are taken from the linked pages. Some content like RSS feeds is offered by the creators for using it on websites. More exceptions are explicitly mentioned on several pages of my website.

  Legal information

The disclaimer applies in its entirety.
There are two types of links on this website.
If you find some content on my website which you regard as illegal or as an offence against your personal rights, please give me a note via the contact form. I will then check the content and change it, if your objection is valid.

  Photos and graphics

On this website, I use some photos, which I bought from Fotolia (today Adobe Stock). These photos are marked with a light green stripe at the bottom. Furthermore I use some photos and graphics from the database Wikimedia Commons. These pictures are avaible with a  Creative Commons license or in public domain. The exact information is shown below each picture.
You can also see little symbols on all pages. These symbols are displayed via the service Font Awesome.

  Content and author

Only the author Markus Schnitzler can decide about the content which is presented on the website You can contact him with the adresses shown in the imprint.

At the bottom of each page, you can see the time of the last change and a short information about what has been changed.

  Navigation and search

The content of my website is available via the menu which you can find on the top of each page. When you click on one of the main topics in the menu, a portal page is opened, which gives a short summary of the further content. Several submenus are shown below the main menu.
There is also a box at the right-hand side or below the main menu. The navigation section shows your current position within my website. You can go the superior level by clicking one of the links.
The box also offers several search engines. You can search within my website, at Google or in the Wikipedia. Just type a word into the appropriate search field and click on the button.


My website should be properly displayed with all modern browsers (Firefox Firefox, Google Chrome Chrome, Edge Edge, Opera Opera, Safari Safari). The pages are built with responsive design, so the appearance is automatically adapted to the smaller displays of mobile devices.
If you experience technical problems with my website or find an error in the display, please write a message via the contact form.
The pages are programmed with HTML, CSS and PHP. There also some elements in Java und Flash. Have a look at the software listed below.


All pages of my website are available in a printer-friendly version. When you open the print preview in the menu of your browser or execute the print command, this version is automatically selected.
Only photos and graphics are shown in color, the rest is just black and white. If you want to have the whole page black and white, please use the option in your printer menu. The menu and some other parts of the website are hidden in the print version.

  Social media and links

In the right upper corner of each page, you find links to my accounts in the social media Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Wikipedia.
If you want to link to my website, please use the title MSchnitzler2000 – Markus Schnitzler and the link or a direct link to a subpage.


Apart from a general information, the imprint and these terms of use, the whole content of my website is presented in German language. But I offer a link "English Translation" in the right upper corner of each page. This link opens a translated version of the current page. The translation is provided by "Google Translate" and therefore it is not perfect, but good enough to give you a general impression. If you want to have a translation into a different language, just change the language setting in the Google menu.

  Contact form

The contact form is shown here on the website.

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* This compulsory information is necessary to process your inquiry. The given name and family name are voluntary information.

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* This compulsory information is necessary to process your inquiry. The given name and family name are voluntary information.